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Behind the beauty: Especial Charlotte Cho EV

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Foi no sábado passado que vos dei a conhecer um bocadinho mais da beleza coreana e da autora do The Little Book of Skin Care... Viram o post?
Como podem imaginar toda a entrevista foi feita em inglês e penso que faz sentido partilhar aqui a versão original. Para as leitoras americanas (e todas as restantes como é óbvio!) um grande beijinho e aqui vai a versão original e em inglês da minha entrevista à Charlotte Cho, com mais um beijinho para a Charlotte e para a Sara!

What can we expect from your book?
One thing I'd love to change about the perception of skin care is that it doesn't have to be so serious - it can be a pleasure, even fun! So you can expect lots of great information that's enjoyable to read in The Little Book of Skin Care.

Expect exclusive interviews with beauty experts from around the world, cute illustrations from the great artist Gemma Correll, step-by-step guides to help you get the most out of your skin care routine, advice for exploring Seoul (which just so happens to be a beauty mecca and my personal home-away-from-home), and anecdotes from my own skin care journey, as well as a #sokosecret or two. 

I didn't always have perfect skin -nobody does- but I used to do some especially bad things to it. As a California girl, I spent a lot of time in the sun and using harsh drug store scrubs. My skin suffered because of it. Once I was introduced to a different culture surrounding skin care in Korea, my skin started to glow. So I hope this is a story that everyone can relate to -- with a little effort, anyone can get great skin!

What are your holy grail products?
There are so many! Currently in my skin care rotation are Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Foam in Green Tea, RE:P Organic Cotton Toning Pad, which are actually both winners of the Soko Glam Best of Beauty Awards! For makeup, I've been grabbing the Banila Co. VV Bouncing Cushion as well as Clio Waterproof Pen Eyeliner in Kill Black, which is a staple in my makeup pouch.

What is the secret behind the amazing korean beauty?
No secrets here -you can read all about them in The Little Book of Skin Care! ;) Just kidding. 

In all seriousness, the secret is to find products that work with your skin type and get in the habit of using them in a routine. You regularly exercise to take care of your body and brush your teeth to keep them in good shape. Koreans look after their skin just as religiously.

Korean beauty products in particular are famous for a few things: They're packaging is ingenious, ranging from innovative to cute, and their products are made with incredibly high quality ingredients without breaking the bank.

One product that she really recommends and makes a big difference in her skin? 

This is something that made a huge difference for me when I first started to get interested in skin care: Essence. It's a product category that used to be more or less unheard of in the western world, but it's catching on, and for good reason. This magic formula helps increase cell turnover, getting read of any dullness in the skin while keeping it soft and hydrated.

What's the product that makes all the difference in a makeup look?

You want to to start with a smooth, even canvas and healthy skin. 

Beauty Water from Son & Park is a nice way to prime your face before you apply makeup any day. The formula was developed by the top makeup artists in Korea who've worked with nearly every Korean celebrity under the sun, so they know how to get results. It's a product that multi-tasks, working as a light cleansing water, and makes a great toner and gentle exfoliant too. When your skin is healthy, the rest of your makeup will be easy. 

Then get a "my skin but better" look with a foundation formula of your choice. The Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation Stick is perfect for getting a dewy look, which you can compliment with a highlighting product like their Highlighter Cube

A pop of color on your lips can go a long way for finishing any look. A little of the Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips goes a long way.

Could you send a kiss to Portugal, and for the readers?
Sending a kiss, finished with a swipe of Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss!

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